Temperature Sensor Circuit using 1N4148 diode

There are components that have special characteristics, one of them is the 1N4148 diode, it is a diode High-speed, and its switching speed is 4th, its voltage is 100 V and current of 450 mA. It besides a diode 1N4148 is used as the temperature sensor, that due to its characteristics that cause it to change its resistance with temperature change. Of course it does not compare to a sensor like the LM38, but for some circuits of low precision, which just need to know if an element is hot or cold it is very useful.

Temperature Sensor using 1N4148 diode Circuit Diagram:

Temperature Sensor Circuit Diagram

The scheme above is a circuit that measures the temperature in a simple manner using a multimeter. It uses 1N4148 diode, and VR1 and VR2 must be adjusted with a thermometer, and is more precise measurement. On the scale of the multimeter can be compared to the scale of degree Celsius with Volt.

Temperature sensor with diode 1N4148:

Temperature sensor with diode 1N4148

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