Powerful and Portable Amplifier Using BEL1895 I.C

Here is a very simple and easy to use audio amplifier using I.C BEL(Bharat electronics limited)1895 , a very common IC. This circuit can run on 3V to 6v , making it easy to use in pocket amplifier.

Amplifier Using BEL1895 I.C Circuit Diagram:

Amplifier Using BEL1895 I.C Circuit Diagram: 
Parts list:
BEL1895 I.C (DIP8),
C1 = 470uF/10V,
C2 = 1000uF/16V,
C3 = 220uF/10V,
C4 = 100uF/10V,
C5 = 4.7uF/10V,
C6 = 47pF,
C7,C8 = 1uF,
R1 = 47Ohm,
R2 = 470Ohm,
R3 = 100K,
R4 = 1Ohm,
R5 = 10K V/C,
speaker, etc…

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