USB Reading Lamp

Light your table top with this cool White LED Lamp. It is powered from the USB port and is ideal to take notes while browsing internet. The USB port can provide 5 volts and 100 mA current which is sufficient to light the LED lamp.

USB Reading Lamp Circuit diagram:

USB Reading Lamp Circuit diagram

Power to the circuit is derived from the USB port using the standard A type plug. To give continuous regulated power, Zener regulation is employed. Resistor R1 restricts base current to T1 so that output will be current regulated. Since White LED requires minimum 3.6 volts, 4.7 volt Zener is used to provide constant 4.7 volts to LEDs. Resistor R2 restricts LED current to around 20 mA, so that they will not be damaged. Connect the power lines to USB plug observing correct polarity. Use a reflector for LEDs to get maximum illumination.

 Pin out of SL 100

Pin out of SL 100


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