Monolithic Voice Record-replay Intergarted

Monolithic Voice Record-replay Intergarted Circuit QX-R42 can constitute a monolithic solid recorder and its sentence is input by users and played repeatedly.Please press button SA3 when you record and at the time,27 feet of the IC is in low PWL and voice signals enter storage unit via Microphnone,MIC.

Monolithic Voice Record-replay Intergarted Circuit Diagram:

Monolithic Voice Record-replay Intergarted Circuit Diagram

Plesae loosen the button and it can play the voice after finishing recording.There are two palyback buttons.SA1 is low PWL triggering playback.SA2 caues tirggering playback by pulse falling.SA1 can be chosen and SA2 is not used when we choose playback button.When we choose to use other circuit'spulsetriggering but button and the pulse will be input IC's 24 feet and it constitute automatic playback mode.

LED is recording indicating light and it sparks during the recording process.R5 and R6 constitute automatic gain control net.R2 and C3 constitute analog signals which iuput and output coupling loop.Thus the 14th and 15th feet output playback signals and the speaker is drived to playback directly.
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