5 to 12v Converter with ADP1612

Using the ADP1612 step-up dc to dc converter manufactured by Analog Devicescan be designed a very simple step up converter. This step-up converter electronic project will provide a fixed 12v dc output voltage from an input voltage between 2.7 to 5 volts. ADP1612 is a switching converter with an integrated power switch capable of providing an output voltage as high as 20 V.

5 to 12v Converter with ADP1612 Circuit Diagram:

5 to 12v Converter with ADP1612

Because of their small package ADP1612 is optimal for space-constrained applications such as portable devices .

The ADP1612 operate in current mode pulse-width modulation (PWM) with up to 94% efficiency. Adjustable soft start prevents inrush currents when the part is enabled. The pin-selectable switching frequency and PWM current-mode architecture allow for excellent transient response, easy noise filtering, and the use of small, cost-saving external inductors and capacitors.
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