2.5V 1A dc converter circuit with FAN8060

Here is Simple electronic circuit diagram. This 2.5V 1A dc converter circuit is designed using FAN8060 designed by Fairchild Semiconductor, which is a 1MHz, 1A integrated synchronous step-down regulator for DC-DC conversion that provides a peak efficiency of over 95 percent.

2.5V 1A DC Converter Circuit Diagram:

2.5V 1A dc converter circuit with FAN8060

FAN8060 step-down regulator offers a fast transient response time that swiftly responds to current fluctuations when there is a sudden change in load .The FAN8060 also allows a designer to simply adjust the external compensation to optimize the transient response for any condition. The user-selectable current limit provides protection against output overload and short circuit while its external synchronization pin reduces both EMI and crosstalk.
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