Simple Intercom schematic with LM386

This electronic schematic circuit is a very simple two way electronic intercom circuit based on a LM386 audio amplifier circuit. The electronic intercom schematic use two separate LM386 circuits one amplifier for each station.  

Simple Intercom schematic with LM386:

Intercom schematic

The LM386 based intercom electronic circuit operate as two separate entities with switches at either station controlling which will transmit or receive. The value of the capacitors from the electronic schematic are in microfarads .For this intercom circuit you can use a 8 ohms speaker, one for each station. The intercom circuit require a 9 volts dc power supply. With the C7 and C8 capacitors connected in the circuit the amplifiers provide a high gain around 200 and without these two capacitors connected in the circuit, the gain drop s around 20.

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