Step-Down Battery Charger From Solar Panel

This is very simple and low-cost Electronic Circuit Project of step-down battery charger from solar panel. Using the LT3652 step-down battery charger which operates over a wide range input voltage can be build a very simple solar charger. The LT3652 provides a constant-current constant-voltage charge characteristic with maximum charge current externally programmable up to 2A. The desired output voltage can be up to 14.4V, programmed with a resistor divider.

Step-Down Battery Charger From Solar Panel Circuit Diagram:

Solar Panel Circuit Diagram

When the LT3652 is powered by a solar panel, the input regulation loop is used to maintain the panel at peak output power. The LT3652 can be configured to stop charging when charge current falls below 1/10 of the maximum programmed and an new charging cycle starts if the battery voltage falls 2.5% below the programmed float voltage. When the charging process is over the LT3652 enters in a low-current mode (85μA standby mode).

The LT3652 can be also programmed to stop the charging process after a desired time.
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