Solar Power Supply with MAX630

This electronic circuit project of solar power supply circuit diagram is based on the MAX630 CMOS micropower step-up switching regulator manufactured by Maxxim Semiconductor. Maxim’s MAX630 CMOS DC-DC regulator is designed for simple, efficient, minimum-size DC-DC converter circuits in the 5mW to 5W range.  The MAX630 IC provide all control and power handling functions in a 8-pin package.

Solar Power Supply with MAX630:

Solar Power Supply

This solar power supply circuit can deliver a 4.8 or 7.2 volts output voltage using a 3 volts input from a bank of photocells.

The efficiency of this solar power supply circuit is around 70%. To chose the output voltage of the solar power supply regulator you need to choose the correct value of the R1 resistor. If you want that the power supply to provide a 4.8 volts at the output, the value of the R1 resistor should be around 453K ohms and if you want to obtain a 7.2 volts at the output, the value of the R1 resistor must be around 273k ohms.  The value of the C1 and C3 from the circuit diagram is in microfarads.

The maximum current provided by this power supply circuit diagram is around 15mA
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