Light Sensitive and Differential Temperature Switch

This is a very simple electronic circuit project of light sensitive and differential temperature switch circuit.

In Fig. 1 see a precision light- sensitive switch that activates when the sensed quantities go above or below pre-set values. The LDR can be any cadmium – sulfide unit that has a resistance in the range 500R to 20k at the required trip level. The RV1 adjust LDR at normal light level. In Fig. 2 see a differential temperature switch circuit using ordinary silicon diodes as temperature – sensing elements and responding to differentials of a fraction of degree. RV2 can be used to apply an effective offset of several degrees to the two diodes.

To adjust the circuit, apply the required differential temperature to the diodes and then adjust RV2 so that the relay just turns on. The circuit responds to the relative temperatures, rather than the absolute temperatures, of the two diodes.
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