Electronic Volume Control Based TDA8551

This is the simple Power Amplifier with Electronic Volume Control. 1W Power Amplifier with Electronic Volume Control based TDA8551 The TDA8551 chip by Philips is a bridge amplifier with output power of 1 watt at a supply voltage of 5V. In this case, current consumption in the silent mode is only 10mA. The chip is made ​​in 8-pin package and requires no heat sink, it can be used in a variety of small devices. Chip is equipped with thermal protection, has an internal delay circuit connecting the load – so that when you turn, you hear a wheeze other wonderful music transients. This chip also built-in an electronic volume control.

Circuit Diagram:
Power Amplifier

Part List:

Notation on the chart :    Nominal
C1            100uF/10V
C2            0.33
C3            0.1
C4            0.1
C5            200uF/10V
R1            2.2 k
DA1            TDA8551

There is a TDA8552 is intended for the use of stereo sound. This will be discussed at Stereo Power Amplifier with electronic control.

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