Simple Flash Blinky Lights

This a very simple Electronic Circuit Diagram Project of flash light circuit.  Flash light circuit can be designed using common electronic components. As you can see in this flash light circuit schematic, this electronic project can be designed using few electronic components. When the S1 switch is closed, power is applied to U1 and U2.

Simple Flash Blinky Lights Circuit Diagram:

Lights Circuit Diagram

Two inverters of U2,a 4049 hex inverter buffer , are connected in a low frequency oscillator circuit that feeds clock pulses into U1, a 4017 decade counter . Outputs 0,2,4,6 and 8 of U1 are coupled to the gate of Q1 through a 1N914 diode. As the 4017 counts down, it turns the light on and off four times and then leaves it on until the S1 switch is released .

The on off rate can be set by R2 potentiometer. For best results, the on off rate should be set so that it is rapid.

This flash light electronic project must be powered from a 12 volt DC power supply.

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