24v to 12v Converter

As you can see, the circuit is not more than a regulator adjustable integrated voltage which is acting on a group of parallel power transistors. These transistors are drudgery so tell it while the controller is responsible for controlling them. Where this 24v connector is the entrance from the batteries. The 12v connector is the output and Gnd connector should be put to ground. Of course, all of the components (transistors and integrated) with good heat dissipation and electrically isolated from the metal.

24v to 12v Converter Circuit Diagram:


Position potentiometer 10 k Ω at its maximum travel (all open or 10 k Ω) and connect to the converter output a LAMP 12V / 50W. At the entrance to connect the batteries in series with what are accomplished the 24V. put a tester on a scale of continuous with a proper graduation (which ronde the 50V) out, in parallel with the lamp. Begin to turn the potentiometer until the lamp brightness and the tester indicates 12V.

  • V max: simple 24V DC
  • I max:

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