10W Audio Amplifier

Here is simple electronic circuit diagram project of 10W Audio Amplifier.With only an integrated as active element circuit this circuit is capable of providing up to 10W of power on a charge that can be between 2 and 8.

10W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram:

Obviously the integrated circuit, a TDA2003, should be placed with a suitable heat sink to prevent damage to its internal components above temperature in the capsule.

At maximum power circuit needs 2A to work correctly.

The 10W are obtained in the optimum working a load of 4 Ω. The entry must be at least 1 VPP to achieve this performance.

  • V max: simple 18V DC
  • I max: 2A
Parts List:
R1 100 kΩ
R2 47 Ω
R3 220 Ohm
2.2 R4 Oh
R5 1 h
SPK 4 Ohms

C1 2.2 µF
C2 470 µF
C3 47 nF
C4 100 nF
C5 1000 µF
C6 100 nF

IC1 TDA2003

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