Build a Solar Energy Powered an iPhone Battery Charger

This is a very easy build a solar Solar Energy Powered an iPhone Battery Charger setup by setup. The professionalject was once termed as Mighty Minty Boost as it used to be developed to function as iPod/iPhone costr with sun power. Aside from being small, it has a big battery capacity of three.7V at 2000mAh and it settle fors input energy from three.7V to 7V. As exhibitn within the images below, it will probably turn out to be a compact USB energy provide when the sun cell is eliminated after charging. The Velcro is used to stable the Mighty Minty Boost inside of a backpack or messenger bag after unplugging the solar cell.

For quicker charging, a larger solar cell will additionally be connected to the bag. Enough power may also be generated to absolutely cost an iPhone in about 5.5 hours and an iPod Touch in four hours using a reasonably higher sun cell with 6V at 250mAh. The charger will robotically swap to trickle charging when the cell reaches full charge. The charging present is restricted to 100mA when charging using the mini USB port and the charging is restricted to 280mA when charging the usage of the barrel plug jack.

iPhone Battery Charger

The materials wanted to construct the costr embrace a small solar cell, Lithium Polymer battery charger, minty enhance package, adhesive backed Velcro, Altoids tin, joinor/wire, and small double adhesive sq.s as expressn within the pictures below. An input power that varys from 3.7V to 7V maximum can be settle fored through the only cell Lithium Polymer. In vibrant daylight, the sunlight cell maxes out at approximately 5V at 100mA. A better solar cell with 6V at 250mA can be used for quicker charging.

Solar Energy Powered an iPhone Battery Charger

The photography below show the meeting of minty increase package where a JST joinor is soldered to the minty increase PCB as an alternative of connecting the battery holder in the package. The minty enhance circuit is allowed to join to the Lithium Polymer battery costr circuit with this tiny connector. The minty boost is examined by using connecting the battery pack and the costr circuit, the Lithium Polymer battery connects to the connector marked GND on the costr board and the minty raise connects to the joinor marked SYS.

iPhone Battery Charger

To fit the charger, a no longerch is lower out of the other side of the Altoids tin and used double facetd adhesive to steady the charging circuit to the backside of the Altoids as shown under. The bottom of either one of the vital circuit boards should not contact the bottom of the Altoids tin while reconnecting the minty enhance PCB and the battery to the charging circuit.

iPhone Battery Charger

Connecting or including the sunlight cell can additionally be executed in different manners. Shortening the joinor leads and plugging the barrel plug into the barrel jack on the charging circuit is a technique. The other method is using some different JST joinor to interchange the connector and plugging it into the 0.33 connector marked 5V on the charging circuit. Since there is not any bog barrel plug sticking out of the facet of the tin, using the 2d method is cleaner.

iPhone Battery Charger

As exhibitn within the pictures under, some 2” Velcro was used to join the sun cell to the highest of the Altoids. To help offer professionaltection to the battery, a layer of clear packing tape was used for wrapping. N high of the two circuit boards, the battery pack is then set down. A pink LED on the costr board will remove darkness from when the Mighty Minty Boost is about out in the brilliant sun. The iPod/iPhone/USB energyed software will also be linked once it's fully costd.

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