5 Volt Power Supply using LTC1174

This electronic circuit project a very simple high efficiency 5 volt power supply electronic project can be designed using the LTC1174 simple current mode DC DC converter, ideally suited for high performance power supplies . With an internal 0.9Ω switch (at a supply voltage of 9V), the LTC1174 requires only four external components to construct a complete high efficiency DC DC converter. Under a no load condition the LTC1174 draws only 130μA.

5 Volt Power Supply Circuit Diagram:

Power Supply Circuit Diagram

In shutdown, it draws a mere 1μA making this converter ideal for current sensitive applications. In dropout, the internal P-channel MOSFET switch is turned on continuously allowing the user to maximize the life of the battery source. The maximum output current that is provided by this electronic project is around 160 mA at a fixed 5 volt output voltage .

As you can see in this electronic project , this DC DC buck boost converter require few external electronic parts and not require any settings . L1 and L2 coils must be a 100uH inductor , you can use a Coiltronics CTX100-4 type . Input voltage for this 5 volt DC DC converter can be between 4 and 12 volts .

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