Theft Preventer Alarm using NE 555

Here is simple alarm circuit project of Theft Preventer Alarm using NE 555 circuit. This circuit utilising a 555 timer IC can be used as an alarm system to prevent the theft of your luggage, burglars breaking into your house etc. The alarms goes ON when a thin wire, usually as thin as a hair is broken.

Theft Preventer Alarm Circuit Diagram:

Alarm Circuit Diagram

The circuit is straightforward. It uses a 555 IC wired as an astable multivibrator to produce a tone of frequency of about 1kHz which gives out a shrill noise to scare away the burglar.

The wire used to set off the alarm can be made of a thin copper wire like SWG 36 or higher.
  • You can even use single strands of copper form a power cable.
  • The circuit operates on a wide range of voltages from 5V to 15V.
  • The speaker and the circuit could be housed inside a tin can with holes drilled on the speaker side for the sound to come out.

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