Solar Powered Lamp

This is a very simple Electronic circuit diagram project of solar lamp garden circuit (solar loading) is presented in this schematic circuit. Sunlamps uses solar cells to charge two 600 mAh NiCd accumulator. It charges the battery and light on the LED at dusk, and will be off during daylight.

Solar Powered Lamp Circuit Diagram:

Solar Circuit Diagram

Light use eight solar cell of 0.45 V, a solar panel which will provide ~ 3.6 V when illuminated. The amount of voltage supplied solar cells must be greater than the battery charge voltage (~ 3.1V, 2.8 V + 0.3 V for Schottky diode). Solar cells will provide about 50mA under the influence of the sun and if it will use some batteries 500mah at least they will not be affected by overload.

Transistor T1 with photoresistor (LDR light dependent resistor) is used for sensing the level of illumination. Solar Cells should be puted in the solar lamp housing so that it can be properly illuminated by sun . The solar lamp illumination can be used to illuminate the court or of places that have access to direct sunlight day.
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