Power Supply Project for Amplifier B

Here is a Power Supply Project for Amplifier B circuit. The recommended power supply for amplifier 100W V-MOSFET [1] it is shown in the above figure. Has separated supply for the various stages feed output stage, stage driver, power amplifier and phase protection.

Power Supply Project for Amplifier B:

Power Supply Project

Anyone can remove parts or add a power supply for each channel, separating completely the channels between them. Attention should be paid to ground loops. For anyone who does not use the preamplifier circuit and protection can suppress proportional winding.

Out Voltages For Power Supply:
+V1=+60V     -V1=-60V    
+V2=+12V     -V2=-12V    
+V3=+65V     -V3=-65V

Power Supply Project Part List:

Power Supply Project

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