High Current Power Supply Using LMZ13610

Here is a very simple high current power supply circuit . High current power supply can be designed using the LMZ13610 switching power supply circuit . This high current switching power supply electronic project circuit diagram can provide a maximum output current of 10 ampere , using few external electronic parts . Output voltage is fixed and can be set using two external resistors . The output voltage can be set from 0.8 volt up to 6 volt , requiring an input voltage range between 6 and 36 volt .

High Current Power Supply Circuit Diagram:
Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Some features of this power supply electronic circuit diagram are: 50W maximum total output power , up to 10A output current , Input voltage range 6V to 36V , Output voltage range 0.8V to 6V , Efficiency up to 90% , fixed switching frequency (350 kHz) , flexible startup sequencing using external soft-start, protection against inrush currents and faults such as input UVLO and output short circuit , – 40°C to 125°C junction temperature range.

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