How to build Solar Powered Garden Lights Project

This is a very simple solar powered garden lights project circuit can be designed using some common electronic parts and a small solar panel . As you can see in this solar powered garden lights schematic circuit , the garden light electronic project , require one transistor, a 2.5 volt solar panel and some other electronic components .

Solar Powered Garden Lights Circuit Diagram:

Lights Circuit Diagram

This solar powered garden lights project will automatically turns on and illuminates the LEDs when the solar panel does not detect any light. It switches off when the solar panel produces more than 1v and charges the battery when the panel produces more than 1.5v + 0.6v = 2.1v The coils from this circuit require a f29 core material . The coils must be from an 0.095 mm CuEm wire on a 2.6x6mm core .

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