How to Build a Simple and Low-Cost 1.5v to 9v DC Converter

How to build a simple and low cost 1.5v to 9v DC Converter Circuit. This inverter circuit will convert 1.5v to 9v to take the place of those expensive 9v batteries.The input voltage for this inverter can be from 1.5 volts , up to 4.5 volts .

1.5v to 9v DC Converter Circuit Diagram:

DC Converter Circuit Diagram

When no current is being drawn from the output the current is less than 10mA. This inverter circuit is very simple requiring few components , but it can be used only for projects that require low current . The L1 coil must have 60 turns on a 10 mm ferrite slug 15 mm long , using a 0.25 mm diameter enameled wire .

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