Simple 3 Volts FM Transmitter Schematic

This is a simple and useful circuit diagram of an FM transmitter is sown in this schematic . This FM Transmitter software is very simple and it has a acceptable transmission . The signal transited from this FM transmitter can be received at almost 300 meters in open air The circuit require a 3volts operating voltage and can be tuned anywhere in the FM band.

3V FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram

You can use this emitter circuit to transmit signal from your house to garden or from room to room . To listen the signal you can use any radio (portable or not ) that can work on FM band .

Connect a half or quarter wavelength antenna (length of wire) to the aerial point. At an FM frequency of 100 MHz these lengths are 150 cm and 75 cm respectively.

The calibration of this FM emitter circuit is very simple and you need just to place a radio at some distance from the transmitter and set it somewhere about 88-107MHZ( chose the transmission frequency ) and after that vary the transmitter oscillator frequency , by modifying the value of the capacitor . The transmission frequency is set to the desired frequency just when you can hear the transmitted signal.

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