Simple 1 Watt Amplifier

This circuit can be a line signal as reinforce that you can control with a small speaker.  

1 Watt Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The LM 386 is available in several versions. The LM 386N-1 can deliver a power of 325 mW, the LM 386N-2500 mW, the LM 386N-3700 mW and LM 386N-4, 1 watt power supply. All versions can be used in the circuit.

Using S1 is off. A bass boost (extra bass reinforcement) in the situation shown, the bass boost off.

Parts List:

R1 = 10 k
R 2 = 10 O
P1 = 10 k
C1 = 100 nF
C2 = 47 nF
C3 = 470 uF
C4 = 10 uF
C5 = 33 nF
IC1 = LM 386
S1 = switch

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