Ni-Cd Battery Charger Circuit with LM317

Today, the spread of rechargeable batteries, chargers and circuits that are required for them has led to the spread. Ni-Cd batteries, cell phones, battery-powered drills posal is widely used in many electronic devices and circuit. 

Ni-Cd Battery Charger Circuit Diagram

Battery Charger Circuit Diagram

These types of circuits are used to charge the batteries, under constant tension, provide stable current level circuits should be pretty good. The output voltage can be set for this purpose, a charging circuit is made ​​with LM317 IC regulated. Improved standard LM317'li circuit connection, the figure was obtained charging circuit.

Current limiting circuit formed by transistors, resulting high current output off, which makes the task of protecting the circuit and the batteries. Circuit, 5 Ah (Ampere-hours) of current to the battery can provide 1A'lik.

LM317 integrated circuit connected to the refrigerant heating must be avoided. Output connected batteries, charging circuit output voltage value in accordance with one or be connected in series.

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