Low Power Flashing LED

Many may be asking for that we would like to put an integrated circuit and a capacitor for a single LED flashes intermittently when we can buy it directly. True, there seems no need to complicate. But the truth is that a flashing LED consumes a lot more power than a conventional one. And this circuit we present an LED flash allows fixed and with only one AA battery 1.5V but more amazing is that this battery can operate the LED for about a year without replacement. Now that's saving energy.

Low Power Flashing LED Circuit Diagram

Flashing LED Circuit Diagram

The circuit itself works around an integrated National Semiconductor, the LM3909 which contains within almost all necessary components except the capacitor we have placed outside. With this configuration to obtain an approximate speed flash per second and estimated battery life in a year.

In case anyone does not know below show how to identify an LED legs.

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