Auto DC Motor Brake

This electronic circuit motor speed to a complete stop if you want many DC motor systems. This circuit current 1 amp 24v ranging from 6V to any DC motor, provides an automatic electronic braking. Component values ​​can be changed for some great motors.

Auto DC Motor Brake Circuit Diagram

Motor Circuit Diagram

When applied to the power circuit hobby, Q1 is turned on. These routes have zero volts gate of Q2, Q2 is closing. Diode D2 and the motor current. The power circuit is removed, the gate of Q1 Q2 C1-speed routes, some of which is stored in the load off. This is a heavy current to the motor windings providing a path for the yarn tension release Q2 turns on. R3 value, can be selected for any desired braking. Consists of zero ohm resistor R3 is fast braking time.

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