A Simple Inverter 12/220 V

A simple inverter transformer used by loadable and allow (to increase efficiency ) change the frequency 50/60 Hz .

This simple drive can serve as a source of voltage 230V/50Hz for appliances to power by the transformer used , which can be compact fluorescent lamp with ballast choke DZ series and classic scooters , razors, power televisions and other consumer electronics , backup gas boilers during a power failure . and current clip . Are used both in the home and at the cottage, ala especially campers , boat and everywhere where there is no grid 230 . 

Simple Inverter 12/220 V  Circuit Diagram

 Inverter 12/220 V  Circuit Diagram

The connection is very simple. As a 50Hz square wave generator is used monostable flip-flop 4047 working in astable mode. The outputs 10 and 11 are available in -phase output pulses , which are driven by four MOS switches involved in the bridge connecting alternately winding transformer 10V to 12V power supply . If the output 10 IO1 H level , the transistor T3 is switched conductivity N, while the output is 11 L level at which the transistor T2 is switched conductivity P.

 After flipping levels at outputs 10 and 11 are provided transistors undone and the transistors T1, T4. The presence of signals produced 230V glow . PR1 switch can change the frequency of the generator from 50Hz to 60 Hz . To power all these appliances is not necessary to use a crystal oscillator 50Hz . With the values ​​of components RC oscillator on pins 1 , 2 IO1 the accuracy and frequency stability about 2 %, which for all these applications is sufficient .

Increasing the frequency to 60Hz can be achieved by a significant reduction in the current drawn from the battery without a load connected - to a half . At this frequency also can be partially small increase speed of asynchronous motors . (Motorcycle without carbon.) The frequency 60Hz is possible to operate all of the above appliances and inverter achieves higher efficiency. Frequency of 60Hz is used in USA , Japan and many other countries.

 Inverter 12/220 V  Circuit Diagram
12/220 V  Circuit Diagram

Design - for PCB mount 2pcs first wire connection , the first located at POJ1 , one of IO2 . Pinholes transistors is necessary to ream bur A1mm to fuse strips A1.2mm , four holes for mounting transistors A3.2mm . These drill holes are accompanied by dural L cooler and side joints with traces holes to mount transistors. Traced These holes are also drilled A3.2mm .
The transistors are bent pins 90 °. Under the screw heads must stringing plastic insulating washers and over mica , which is suitable to coat on both sides with silicone grease to improve thermal conductivity , the transistors screwed to the heat sink and plate as shown. Strengths of the PCB Can going through here , despite the current 4A. The integrated circuit is in the slot. Fifth, the transformer terminals to board pieces Lanka . On pins 9-10 transformers use wire and at least 1 mm. Power drive parameters can be easily increased in exchange for a larger transformer , which has a transfer 230V/10-12V .

No problems were tested transformer with an output of 200W . Unwinding the secondary winding of 12V to 10V achieved performance of about 160W . Even better performance , higher efficiency and lower no-load current consumption can be achieved with toroidal transformers . At higher outputs must be left to the radiator bolted effective cooling fins , with 40W transformer contained in the kit is L cooler at full load temperature of about 40C ° . The drive gives the open circuit voltage of about 260V , which is not necessary to worry about. The connected load voltage is reduced to the optimum .

I have enabled grid voltage fluctuation tolerance + / -10 %, which is from 207V to 253V . The drive is suitable for security build in a plastic box . It should be noted that the transformer , fuse , doutnavce and the output terminal voltage is dangerous .

Circuit Diagram PCB

Achieved characteristics :

Transformer 40W included in the kit:
Open circuit voltage of 260V
current consumption of 400 mA
voltage across the lamp 25W 230V
consumption at 25W load 2.5 A
voltage across the lamp 40W 220V
consumption under load 40W 3,8 A

Other transformer with an output of 100W/230V/10V
Open circuit voltage of 270V
current consumption of 800 mA
voltage across the lamp 40W 225V
consumption under load 40W 3,6 A
voltage across the lamp 60W 210V

consumption under load 60W 4,8 A

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