8W Audio Amplifier with TDA2002

W3Circuits could not miss the classic audio amplifier with TDA2002 8w. This amplifier that for years predominated in radios and other auto car mounts.

8W Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Audio Amplifier Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram shows that the input signal is blocked in DC across the capacitor of 1μF, then enters the op amp non-inverting input. From the exit take a part of the signal back into the system through the inverting input. The full signal is output continuously removed through 1000μF capacitor and is applied to speaker whose impedance shall be 4 ohms. By placing a speaker of 8 ohms total power obtained is 4 watts.

The circuit is supplied with 12V and requires a current of 1A at full power.

This is the negative mask of the PCB to do with photoresist.

8W Audio Amplifier Circuit PCB

And this is the position of each component on the board.

8W Audio Amplifier Circuit PCB

This form can be done on phenolic plate smoothly. You can also choose to build it on a printed circuit board type universal pass 5mm islands.

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