4X 30W Amplifier Using TDA7386

This amplifier provides a single integrated circuit with few additional components and four independent amplifier channels to assemble a valid multichannel audio system. Based on a chip originally designed for this car audio amplifier is ideal for computers with quadraphonic sound cards like the SoundBlaster Live! Creative Labs Inc. or MosterSound Diamond Diamond Multimedia / S3.

4X 30W Amplifier Circuit Diagram

4X 30W Amplifier Circuit Diagram

As seen in the design, the only active component is the TDA7386 IC from SGS-Thomson. This provides four channels of amplification from a single source 12v. The inputs are blocked in DC from 0.1μF capacitors. The mute control terminal and stby may or may not be implemented at the discretion of the owner. The outputs are symmetrical, so that none of the speaker terminals are earthed (both are amplified).


Since the entire system is powered by 12v decided, in our case, use a car-stereo source of armed sold and running. You can also armed one to place inside the cabinet. That is up to the owner.


Key, should be sufficient to maintain the chip in a suitable temperature. We used a Pentium III cooler with fan running. It is sufficient to connect to Vcc since 12v used as the amplifier.

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