1-40 V, 50 mA - 5A Regulated Power Supply

Each one of the devices must counter the amateur electronics store , an adjustable voltage direct current power source. I gave the circuit diagram below 1 volt and 40 -volt power supply, the output can be adjusted arasınada as miliamperle 5 amp maximum current is adjustable from 50 .

1-40 V, 50 mA - 5A Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Regulated Power Supply Circuit Diagram

 In this way could be used for voltage source can also be used as a constant current source . Adjustable current limiting , since it is clear that the short-circuit protected . In this phase, on my testing of other circuits , and calibrations can be used successfully in conjunction with a digital voltmeter . Circuit held four transistors . Network isolation transformer , 220V primary and secondary of the power of 35 to 40 volts and 100 VA transformer should be . KBPC601 as a diode bridge ( 6A - 100V ) is sufficient. 4 6- amps instead of the bridge diode aperajlı or higher can also be used .

Half- bridge diode and 2N3005 power transitörü do KBPC601 used aluminum finned cooler isolated and connected to a profile . BD139 transistor in a small cooler plate , or use a metal box , connect the box to isolate and would be appropriate. ( I realized my extreme ısınmıyordu even when short-circuit switched connections , but as a precaution due to the cooler I'm still using a small ..) electrolytic capacitors in the circuit voltage of at least 63V Select the values ​​as I showed in the diagram . LED circuit is open or closed has no function other than to show .

The value of output voltage adjustment potentiometer is 10K . This is a linear potentiometer setting ensures that the voltage is logarithmic . Ohm resistor sets the maximum current limit of 0.5 watts or more should be 5Watt value . 500 ohm current limiting level is set by a potentiometer .

NOTE: The original version of the circuit current up to and be able to give a good cooler with a 4-5 amperes.

 However, to keep the smaller trafonuzu ( 50VA ) is sufficient for the wants and 2 amp maximum current you can change the direc 1 ohm resistance .

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