1000 Watt Power Inverter Schematic

This 1000 watt power inverter circuit diagram based on MOSFET RF50N06.If you want more power then  add additional  MOSFET paralleled at RF50N06.This MOSFETS are  60 Volts and 50 Amps as rated.  It is necessary to connect  a  FUSE with the power line and always a LOAD have to connected while power is being  applied . The output power of this inverter is up-to 1k watt , it depends on output power transformer . You can use your custom transformer with experimenting for best result.

1000 watt power inverter Circuit Diagram

How to parallel MOSFETs-1000 watt power inverter

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  2. Thanks for the inverter circuit diagram........ I am unable to understand it because I don't have much knowledge of such stuffs....... and I think a normal people will face the same I am experiencing.... this diagram can be helpful for technicians as well.

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