Arrow LED Indicator using 74hc14 IC

This arrow led indicator electronic project can be used in some dark places to show the directions . You can use to indicate direction just an illuminated arrow or a flashing light , but is much nicer if the light moves in the correct direction.

This arrow led indicator is based on 74HC14 circuit and some LEDs which are used to show the way .
For this arrow led indicator we need six series of three LEDs arranged in the shape of arrows and are connected to the outputs . Each time the lit arrows move over by one column so it appears that the arrows run from right to left.

Arrow LED Indicator Circuit Diagram

Arrow led indicator using 74hc14 IC

If we want to change the speed of the moving light it’s need to change the value of C1 to C3 or R1 to R3 ( a lower value for this components decrease the time of moving lights). If we want a longer arrow we can mount in parallel with existing columns another columns .
For power supply we can use batteries or 6V regulated power supply .
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