Video Signal Amplifier Using with LH0024

The construction of the circuit has been increased to highlight and amplify video signals for further frequencies on image clarity.

Video Signal Amplifier Circuit diagram


LH0024 – IC small signal IC designed for general purpose switching and amplification due to its low voltage, low voltage and three different win the election 1N4148 – silicon small signal diode planar epitaxial used for fast switching applications with a reverse voltage of 100 V and forward current of 150 mA

Circuit Explanation

In a video output signal is the high rate of frames selected for amplification of producing a finer. This is possible by placing the track between the video device and the reception lobby, where the video port of the television receiver is inserted. The construction is done simply by exploiting the operation of three transistors instead of IC and other supporting elements.

An isolator operating in the first phase of the Q1, which provides an interface for input impedance. Q2 manage the second phase, which leads to the common base configuration. In this phase, determine the earnings TR2 250 ohms cutting the lawn. To adjust TR2, it must be placed where an output voltage of 1 Vp-p is present, with a load of 75 ohms. The frequency response is regulated by a combination of R6, C3, and 500 ohms TR1. An output buffer is completed by Q3 of the third phase which provides an airline pilot with 75 ohms. The range of the circuit is stabilized with 12 V and 50 mA.
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