Simple Light Alarm Schematic

A very simple light alarm schematic circuit project can be designed using some common electronic parts, as you can see in the circuit diagram bellow . This light alarm schematic circuit project will sound as soon as the drawer is opened and light falls on the Darlington phototransistor. The output alarm may be redesigned to activate a relay or triac. This simple light alarm schematic circuit project use a MAL12 LDR photoresistor as a sensor .

Light Alarm Schematic Circuit diagram

The 14011 quad , 2 input, NAND gate is wired up to oscillate when the input to it goes high, that is the BC557 transistor turns on after light is detected by the MAL12. The oscillating output from the 14011 turns the BC547 on and off , making the buzzer to sound. After the alarm has started and it is put back into dark conditions , alarm will continue to sound for about 3 - 5 seconds. This is due to the 1uF capacitor and 4M7 resistor which keep the input to the 14011 high .

The circuit is very simple and must be powered from a simple 9 volts DC power supply or a 9 volt battery .
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