LV8741V PWM Stepping Motor

Using the LV8741V PWM stepping motor driver IC can be designed a very simple and efficiency DC motor driver electronic project . As you can see in the circuit diagram , this electronic project require few external electronic parts . The maximum output current that can be provided by this PWM current-control stepping motor driver IC is up to 1.5 ampere . The reference voltage is set by the voltage applied to the VREF pin and the two inputs ATT1 and ATT2.

LV8741V PWM Stepping Motor Circuit Diagram

When the output current is below the output short-circuit protection current, the output is controlled by the input signal. The setting conditions for the above PWM current-control DC motor driver circuit diagram are as follows : Auto recovery-type output short-circuit protection function (EMM = Low), Output enable function fixed to output ON state (OE = High), Current limit reference voltage setting = 100% (ATT1 = Low, ATT2 = Low) ,Chopping frequency : 37kHz (RCHOP = 43k ).

Voltages required by this LV8741V current-control DC motor driver are from 9.5 to 35 volt for motor power and from 2.7 to 5.5 for logic power supply .
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