Gu10 LED Light Bulbs Driver Schematic

A very simple high efficiency Gu10 led light bulbs driver power supply circuit that can be used as a LED driver for GU10 lamp can be designed using this schematic circuit.This high efficiency Gu10 led light bulbs LED driver is designed to drive 12 V at 0.3 A from an input voltage range of 90 VAC to 265 VAC using few external components.

This Gu10 led light bulbs driver power supply uses the LNK605DG IC from the LinkSwitch-II family by Power Integrations. The LNK605DG provides a sophisticated range of protection features including auto restart for open control loop and output short-circuit conditions. As you can see in the circuit diagram , this LED driver require few external electronic components .The LNK605DG Ic from LinkSwitch-II family is an integrated controller plus 700 V power MOSFET intended for use in LED driver or charger applications.

Gu10 LED Light Bulbs Driver Circuit Diagram

Gu10 LED Light Bulbs Driver Electronic

The rectified and filtered input voltage is applied to one end of the primary inding of T1 transformer and the other side of the transformer’s primary winding is driven by the integrated 700 V power MOSFET in U1. The leakage inductance drain voltage spike is limited by an RCDR clamp consisting of D1, R3, R4, and C3.

The secondary of the transformer is rectified by D3 ( a Schottky barrier type was selected for higher efficiency) and filtered by C7. Resistor R1 and C6 dampen high frequency ringing and reduce the diode voltage stress The T1 transformer must have 30 turns from NC to pin1( with 0.221 mm copper wire) , 80 turns from pin1 to pin 2 ( with 0.15 mm copper wire) , 15 turns from pin7 to pin8 ( with 0.4mm copper wire) and 16 turns from pin A to pin B (using 0.2mm copper wire ) .
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