Basic Monostable Using with LM555

Welcome to free circuit dot com,For the last article in this series, we may be unstable a cycle which has no stable output state. In this post circuit we will show the monostable circuit, which has a stable state.

Basic Monostable Circuit diagram 

The waveforms in Figure 1 show the effect of a monostable. A monostable circuit produces a pulse of a certain length (time T) in response to a trigger input such as a pushbutton. The output of the circuit remains in the low position to a trigger input, does the name “Mono”, “stable condition”. This type of circuit is ideal for use in a “push-to-operate” in a model system for exhibitions.

A visitor can press a button to a model mechanism in motion, and the mechanism will automatically after a certain time. Another use of the circuit “the bounce” an important contribution to a digital IC – this application will be explained later in this article.
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