Automotive Ignition Coil Buzz Box

This picture is a circuit for a buzz coil using a standard car battery to create. Dual timer IC 556 is used to set the frequency and the duty cycle of the coil current to be determined. One of the timer is used as an oscillator for generating the rectangular waveform 200 Hz to control (IRF740 MOSFET), while the second timer is stopped and the oscillator switching points are opened and closed (closed = a). The result is a steady stream of sparks of the ignition coil a distance of about 5 milliseconds, while the switching points are closed. Operation: Pin 8 and 12 the trigger inputs, and a timer which are driven by the points and an inverted signal of the clock output (pin 9) to produce.

Automotive Ignition Coil Buzz Box Circuit Diagram

When the pin 9 is grounded points high, and vice versa. The signal on pin 9 controls the reset line (pin 4) of the second timer and keeps the output at pin 5 is low, while pin 4 and pin 8 is low and 12 high (still open). The 15K and 47K resistors and capacitors are 0.33uF synchronization components that the frequency and duty cycle of the second clock, which is about 4 milliseconds to 2 milliseconds apart to secure positive and negative. During the time interval is positive, the doors are always high MOSFET causing the coil to the current height of about 4 amps. This equates to approximately 80 milli joules of energy in the coil is released in the spark plug when the clock output (pin 5) moves on the ground, turn off the MOSFET. A zener diode 12 volts is placed on the node 10 and 27 ohms for the MOSFET gate input is above or below 12 volts -0.7 volts. A Zener diode 200 volts / 5 W used for the drain voltage of the MOSFET 200 and limit the useful life of the spark to expand.

The circuit must operate reliably with a jumper, but the circuit operation with no load applied (the son of candle down, etc.) may cause a malfunction, because most of the energy absorbed by the Zener. You can also use a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) as 1.5KE300A 1.5KE200A or instead of the zener. This is probably a good hand, but difficult to obtain.
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